John's Story

When looking to join any role in the British Armed Forces, it’s important you’re well prepared for the training exercises so you’re able to join your desired area and be fit enough to fulfil your daily ongoings.

One of my clients, John, reached out to me to help him prepare his fitness in order to pass the gruelling RAF physical tests. While John hoped to secure a place in the RAF, he felt that he was struggling to prepare himself both physically and mentally.

At first, the whole process seemed pretty daunting to John. However, I encouraged and supported him by tailoring his training towards his personal goals, which gave him the confidence he desired.

After two months of training, John was ready to undertake his RAF fitness test. The requirements for the pre-recruit stage were to achieve a mark of 9.10 or higher in the multi-stage fitness test, 20 or more push-ups in 1 minute, and 35 or more sit-ups in 1 minute.

John nailed these, having increased his self-confidence and physical fitness to levels he never expected. John achieved a score of 10.7 on the Beep Test, 27 press-ups, and 42 sit-ups. John’s story is one of incredible achievement, proving anything’s possible if you put your mind to it and have the right support. Having passed the RAF fitness assessment, John explained: “I’ve gone from being very nervous about my physique, to being very confident in my own ability. It showed today”.

If you're looking to join the British Armed Forces, or simply want to improve your daily lifestyle, I can support you in achieving your goals by training in my purpose built gym and on secluded grounds. In addition, my personalised meal plans and specific training sessions will help you accomplish your goals.

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