Homemade turkey burger power salad

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Want a healthier way to serve up a burger? Give my turkey burger power salad a whirl!

It’s a fun, fresh way to enjoy all the flavours of a burger - and instead of serving it in a bun, load it up with a mound of healthy greens and veggies and then personalise it to you particular liking. Not only is this super easy to make; it’s healthy, delicious and the combinations are truly endless.


Minced turkey


Organic cheddar cheese

Avocado oil

Little gem lettuce

Pickled cabbage



Cottage cheese



1. Add minced turkey, sautéed chopped onion, finely grated organic cheddar cheese and a little avocado oil into a bowl. Combine the ingredients with your hands to create burger shapes.

2. Fry or grill for around 10 - 15 minutes until hot and cooked through.

3. While this is cooking, prepare the salad. Load your plate up with little gem lettuce, pickled cabbage, quinoa, bacon and a dollop of cottage cheese with chives on top. Feel free to experiment and personalise it to your particular liking (avocado, blueberries, pine nuts and parsnips are a great shout!).

4. Top the salad with your burger and enjoy!

Simon Farrar