Welcome to my gym, take a look around

With 20 years of personal training experience, I know the influential importance of a professional training environment - how it impacts overall experience and ultimately the results that can be achieved. 



My purpose-built gym is located in large secluded grounds, providing all the space, privacy, equipment and amenities necessary in order to allow me to focus completely on designing and guiding you through your own unique exercise formats, routines and progressions.

External Gym Simon Farrar

Benefits of using my facilities:

•No anxiety or feeling intimidated at a public gym.
•No concerns over the effectiveness of your workout.
•No waiting for equipment to become available.
•Professional, personalised exercise programme and schedule.
•Undivided one-to-one attention - guiding and motivating you.
•Most efficient way to achieve your desired results.


Come see me for an induction session


Upon our initial meeting, your first session will involve a consultation. This will give us a chance to get to know each other and I can start to get to grips with assessing the best way to transform you, from ‘where you are now’ to ‘where you want to be’. By the end of your second session, we will have carried out all the necessary assessments that will enable me to create a personalised programme - taking into account your own specific goals, abilities and any other issues, designed for you to achieve and even beat your target!