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“When I first joined with Simon I was entering into my forties and I had a number priorities that needed to be addressed around my health in order to carry on with the busy work life.

I had suffered previously from a back injury which had left me with very limited movement in the lower back which resulted in a daily struggle. I had previously seen a number of professionals who had tried to help me through the recovery of the back injury but I was only heading in one direction and that was surgery. 

Having limited mobility meant I was not able to be a mobile as I would have liked and the cumulative effect meant I was on the edge of being morbidly obese and was begging to feel the negative effects this has on the body: my blood pressure was raised and it was having a disruptive effect on my sleep; sugar levels were all over the place; diet was poor... 

Since working with Simon he has managed to build a program to help me rehabilitate my back through building up the core strength whilst also building overall muscle structure. I am now able to move freely in the session and Simon is able to further challenge me to meet my other objectives. 

This has been an extremely challenging project for me, but the results gained in a small amount of time have been impressive. Simon has enabled me to progress my career, feel more confident in my abilities, gain sustained energy levels, and achieve a healthy mind.”



“I started training with Simon several months ago and quickly started to see results.  I am currently training with the British Wheel to be a yoga teacher and wanted help in building core strength, balance and stamina.  Simon’s knowledge is extensive and his approach to training motivational, varied and always a lot of fun.   He is very professional, friendly and really easy to work with and I always look forward to my sessions. I highly recommend anyone wanting to make a change to contact Simon to see how he can help.  I’m so glad I did, I feel so much better and have so much more energy and confidence  – thank you Simon!”



"Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable & totally at ease with. Highly recommend."


"Training with Simon has been an absolute joy. He strikes the perfect balance between someone who cares, wants you to develop and someone that isn't afraid to really push you.

With Simon training is a philosophy, one that he wants to institute into your life. The crux of it being a lifestyle that is very healthy and active. It has been perfect for me as staying fit and healthy is important to me in many ways!”

-Rob Aramayo,  Actor - The Young Ned Stark from Game of Thrones!

“Wheelchair bound, arthrodesis of the right leg resulting in 4 inch length loss, only able to walk a few yards on a flat surface at home with a walking aid. Sounds bad but my situation is now getting better thanks to a Personal Trainer willing to take me on. Strength, weight loss, co-ordination and self-confidence is a quick resumé of the improvements Simon Farrar has made. I have lost 2 stone in body fat, walked on uneven surfaces outside with a little help and even been to the shops on my own (electric wheelchair) for the first time in over 10 years.”

Simon, you're a miracle worker!


“I started seeing Simon in August last year, having resolved to have another go at getting in shape, something that I've tried multiple times before and always bounced back to where I start, if not heavier and even more unfit each time. Over the last 11 months Simon has helped me get back into exercise and increase my dietary awareness. I've dropped quite a few kilos and have shrunk from a 44 inch waist jeans to a 38 and whilst this is great the biggest change is in my fitness, I am now the fittest I ever remember being, aches and pains from poor sitting posture and general inactivity are gone. Simon encourages and leads me to outperform myself in every session, getting the maximum benefit with gentle coercion and support and allowing me to set my own targets. I've seen Simon once or twice a week for the last eleven months and every session is varied and enjoyable.”


“As an actor on Eastenders, I often get up at 3am and travel to London. It's hard work, but I can now do it with a smile thanks to my training. Simon plans everything, so that all I have to do is turn up, do what he tells me to do and get fitter! I have so much more energy for EVERYTHING.”

-John Goldsmith, Eastenders Actor and Entrepeneur.

“Having just trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp, I made some discoveries after training with Simon. During my trek, when my heart was pounding and my lungs felt like bursting, it felt normal! I was not perturbed by it and was able to concentrate on the activity rather than worrying that I was over-doing it. I had greater mobility than some of the younger ones and when I felt I couldn’t keep climbing for one more second, I took a deep breath and was able to carry on. I don’t think I would have been able to achieve what I have done without Simon.”

-Roger O.

“We started training with Simon 7 months before our wedding. It is infinitely more enjoyable than the gym & the benefits are so much more tangible. I achieved my goal of dropping two dress sizes and losing over a stone in weight. I felt fantastic on our wedding day. We continue to train with Simon as it's become an important part of our life.”

-Leah, Bride.

“Simon has a great personality and I like his approach. He is always well prepared for each session and he is constantly working with me to help me achieve my goals. He knows exactly where I am now, where I am going and how we are going to get there. Thanks to Simon I am fitter now than I have ever been in my life and I have lost 26 lb of fat. Simon never takes you beyond your limits, but is always pushing you to achieve your potential. Where I am today, I would never have thought possible a few months ago. I would encourage anyone to contact Simon, I am glad that I did.”

-Richard Barrett, Founder & Chairman, Barrett Values Centre.

“I have been training with Simon 2 to 3 times per week for over a year now. I feel so much fitter and stronger since starting and, having lost 7 lbs of body fat whilst toning up, I'm a lot trimmer now. Simon is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He makes every session worthwhile - the progress you can make is amazing when there's so much variety in everything we do. Choosing Simon as my Personal Trainer was the best choice I ever made.”

-Milind Pande, D.O., F.R.S.C, F.R.C.Ophth.

“I have been training with Simon since 2013 and train between once or twice a week.

I have achieved my goals of weight loss, increased cardiovascular fitness and general increase in well-being

Simon has worked with me and personalised training tailored to my needs including a repair to my knee ligaments and a challenging time whilst I was I undergoing treatment for cancer.  Throughout the last five years I have found Simon to be person centred treating me as an individual; I would recommend training with Simon, give it a try and take control...”

-AH, age 43, Hessle

“I trained with Simon around 10 years ago and during that time I was the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been. My 89-year-old dad now trains with Simon. Whilst my dad’s always been one to keep active, more recently he developed arthritis in his shoulder which has caused him a lot of pain and limited his arm movement. Simon’s now working with my dad to help him strengthen the muscles around his shoulder joint and help him increase his overall fitness levels. We’re so pleased to see my dad noticing both a difference in his shoulder mobility and in his general fitness.”



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