The Hotel Room Workout

A common concern people often come to me with is how to keep their fitness on track while they’re on business trips or during their regular routine which may involve them being away from home or the gym, possibly where the only spare few minutes they have is in the confines of a hotel room. If that describes you then try this simple but effective workout:



Plank Walk

Body-weight squats


Format A:

Round 1: 40 sec each exercise

Round 2: 30 sec each exercise

Round 3: 20 sec each exercise

Round 4: 10 sec each exercise

Up to 1 min recovery at the end of each round. Count the total number of reps and perform as many as you can! Try to get more than 3/4 of the reps on round 2 compared with round 1; more than 2/3 the reps on round 3 compared with round 2; more than 1/2 the reps on round 4 compared with round 3.

Format B:

Round 1: 10 reps each exercise

Round 2: 8 reps each exercise

Round 3: 6 reps each exercise

Round 4: 4 reps each exercise

Round 5: 2 reps each exercise

Time the whole 5 rounds from 10 down to 2. Try to improve your time each day. Let me know if you can beat 2 min 36 sec!

Remember, the technique is very important here. Go for a fast pace, but not at the expense of good form 

Simon Farrar